Moving the Goal Posts

If I really think about it, it all changed back in May 2014 when my boss announced that him and his family were leaving the pub I worked in. Almost four years to the day that I started working there. I'd never planned on staying in the UK that long in the first place. My original goal had been to work there for a year & move back to the Canary Islands with enough savings to support myself. Yet that goal changed.

My happy face, Croatia Sail, Day 1
I worked my butt off, I took only a week's holiday in more than a year & didn't take a trip anywhere until Mike sat me down and told me to book a trip, enforcing that I took a holiday. But y'all know that part of the story. I fell in love with backpacking and used my income to save up for awesome trips that have taken me to Oktoberfest, La Tomatina, San Fermin, Croatia Sail, Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Iceland and Lapland, to name just a handful of the things I've experienced. 

Slovenia was a gamer changer for me. It was serenely beautiful there, yet you didn't need to delve far to find the outdoorsy side of the place. Being outdoors, doing things that meant I had to push myself, feeling truly alive. That's what I wanted to do, that's why I want to return to that country. I fell into my job in Lapland because of my visit to Slovenia. What was I looking for? I wanted to be outdoors, I've not hidden the fact that I applied for the job in Lapland because I wanted to go back to Slovenia.

How can anyone not love Slovenia?
In Lapland I got to do some incredible things. The company I worked for had a whole range of different activities, and programme's, which meant that often you wouldn't just do what was in your job title. For example, I was a day break group guide, so my primary job was to go to the airport pick up a bus full of folks and then go show them around Santa's Wonderland, where they would squeeze in Reindeer rides, husky sledding, snowmobiling, sledding and a visit to Santa. 

I also got to play work at our short break resort where we did a similar half day trip to see Santa, which included a snowmobile safari, and ice hockey games, but mostly I'd spend 12hrs up on the sledding hill. Where I would learn the art of standing up sledding (sorry Darren), as well as organise races between kids, and push unsuspecting adults down the fast slope. 

All of the seriously beautiful

In Lapland I found a lot more than I was looking for. I was forced well out of my comfort zone, and instead of being scared I liked it. I wondered why I hadn't done it sooner. Sometimes those old comforts are no good for you, any more and you need to leave and walk away to find that out. The hardest part is taking the first step. Plus I found that boy I wrote about, and as I said meeting him has changed all my plans for this year. In that I've had to really think about what I want to do as well, and what can get me closer to doing what I want to. I've thought about my strong points and weak points. I decided to register looking for jobs more suited to being outdoors. 

The thing is, I know a lot of people will read this and think, "Oh she's giving up on her dreams because she's met a boy", but it's not that at all. Like I said at the beginning of this post, goals change. Life steps in sometimes and hands up something better; so I've not given up on anything, in fact I've found something better. 

This face sums up how I feel about Lapland
Welcome to my new adventure. 


  1. Sounds like you've had some wonderful experiences and good luck with wherever your new adventure takes you!!

  2. It is your adventure, do what you want! I love Slovenia too. Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge were my favs!

  3. I know Slovenia was your dream, but if being in Lapland feels like a dream why leave? As you said goals change, and who knows it may change again? You just have to deal with it when it comes. For now, enjoy the moment. Wishing you more incredilbe experiences and adventure.

  4. You have to follow your heart and follow your dreams, and if your dreams have changed, it's good to embrace that! :) You seem really happy and that's most important!

  5. Life is nothing but a series of moving goal posts, and don't feel bad about moving yours from time to time. As you have explained here, moving them is what got you where you are in the first place. Slovenia is amazing and while my trip to the outdoors there was only an hour or two spent at Lake Bled, I cannot wait to get back and your post has me looking at a return sooner rather than later.

  6. Standing up sledding - oh my, that is something I've never witnessed before! Good luck to you, I don't think you've given up at all. I believe everything happens for a reason!

  7. Thanks for this honest post - I absolutely agree that goals change; you have certain goals and certain passions for certain periods in your life, though nothing is meant to last forever, and we're always meant to change and adapt in order to grow. All that matters is that you're happy :)

  8. The only person who can write your story is YOU! People set out on adventures and get side-swiped by something they never expected. That's called the beauty of life...and it always leads to something better! Good on you and keep running your happy life! :-)

  9. There's no shame in admitting that your goals have changed. I think it's incredibly important to be honest and allow yourself to change course when you feel like it. This is your story and why shouldn't it go exactly the way you please. Good luck for your new adventure!

  10. life goes on, priorities change, goals change and that's ok, as long as you're doing what makes you happy and what's the best for you! Good luck! :)

  11. Way to follow your dreams and happiness. Kudos!

  12. Glad to see that you're following your dreams and going for your own happiness. Good luck in the new adventures, Sammi!!

    -Raphael Alexander Zoren

  13. Definitely agree with you that in life we have to be versatile and follow our dreams! Things happen and things change and kudos to you for being honest here Sammi. BTW, would love to visit Lapland one day :)

  14. Don't worry, I found a boy too. My travels have actually got more exciting as I can hitch-hike and camp anywhere a lot more easily. It's normal to change the goal posts!


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