My Great British Road Trip

It is entirely possible that I'll be unemployed (again) in August. Since I'm in the market, I should by then have a car. I decided that, since my parents will be away as well as my unemployment, I will take a little road trip around the UK. Pack a backpack, the dog, and a tent and just drive!

Alnwick Castle and River Aln
Alnwick Castle via Matthew Hartley on Creative Commons
Now first up, I have never camped in my life. Not in a tent, anyway. I built a bivvy when I was 13 in some forest somewhere on a school trip, but that is the extent of my camping. So I definitely need some advice about camping (anything in the comments would be grand, or send me a message). I also have no idea how Tiger, my dog, will take to the idea of camping in a tent, ha, that could be interesting. As for the nights I plan on visiting cities, well that's what Travelodge is for (or friends to stay with)!

Where Will I Go?

Well, my hit list on the way around could all change, but so far it looks like this:

Home --> Brecon Beacons --> Snowdonia National Park --> Lake District National Park --> Edinburgh --> Alnwick Castle --> Yorkshire Moors (York, and Whitby, too) --> Leeds/ Peak District National Park --> Cambridge --> Clacton on Sea --> Brighton --> Home.

The route I plan on driving basically takes me in a massive circle around the country, driving a few hours during the day before pitching my tent somewhere in the evening. I'm mostly hitting National Parks, I wanna get outdoors and walk and hike. Plus I'll have Tiger with me so he will definitely want to run around new places and discover things, especially after being cooped up in a car for several hours of driving on certain days. I plan on spending several days, to a week, in certain places. 


Snowdonia mountain railway
Snowdonia Mountain Railway via Kosala Bandara on Creative Commons

I have ventured to Wales once before, when I visited my friend in Swansea, and spent most of the weekend making our way through Wind Street. This time I plan on making the most of the great outdoors and spending my time exploring and hiking around the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia. 

Lake District

Obviously, I totally want to see the awesome bodies of water here in the Lake District. However, one of the main reasons I want to visit here is because it's home to Beatrix Potter's house! And we should all be inspired by Beatrix Potter, look what she acheived as a woman in her time. She's incredible, truly. 


I've wanted to visit Edinburgh for a while, even looked at tours for New Year (which, money dependent, I may still do). However, I know there's tons more to Scotland and hop that in the next few months I can research a few more places to visit. 

Alnwick Castle

The Real Life Hogwarts. 

Need I say more? Obsessed as I am with Harry Potter, I definitely, definitely, have to visit this place. I know that Claire from Travel Candy has already been, and I am so jealous! I think this will just be a place I stop by on the way through, or  as a day out (albeit without Tiger). I just have to see Hogwarts!


Whitby via Bryan Ledgard on Creative Commons
I will probably spend my largest chunk of time here. I want to take Tiger for walks on the Moors, and visit Whitby, as well as revisit York City itself. York was my favourite place to visit in the UK when I went last summer, and I cannot wait to get back there and spend more time ambling around that beautiful county.

Leeds & The Peak District

I've a friend in Leeds, who I hope will let me stay with her, and then I can venture out and visit the Peak district, too! I know little to nothing about this area of the country. So any suggestions are much appreciated.


Again, based on visiting the university city of Oxford last year, I have to go and visit Cambridge now. A friend I met travelling this winter recommended visiting there after she spent some time there on her travels. 

Clacton on Sea

Yes, so this may look a little odd in this list but I've friends there, and since I'll be driving around anyway... Plus said friend happens to be a tattoo artist and I am desperate for some new (wanderlust inspired) art!


A truly British Summer in Brighton via Beverley Goodwin on Creative Commons

Gotta hit me up a bit of Brighton as my last stop before home. I've never been there, and my old boss used to tell me what a fool of himself he used to make when he visited that neck of the woods when he was... well... slightly younger than I am now, I suppose! 

Where would you go on your road trip of the UK? Is there somewhere I've missed you deem unmissable?


  1. WHAT A TRIP. I just got back from my first trip to the UK. I enjoyed every second and hope to go back soon to explore more. I hope you post about all your adventures. I am particularly excited to hear about Wales.

  2. Lovin' this roadtrip - bloomin' jealous right back at ya now! xx

  3. There are few things better than a good road trip and this one looks pretty good. British Isles in August, middle of summer, not a care in the world...have a great time.

  4. I would LOVE to do a road trip like this--sounds like such a great experience! Hope you have an amazing time and can't wait to read all about it!

  5. you just made me realize there're still so many places in the UK I should visit! This sounds like a wonderful road trip and I'm already excited to follow your journey when you go! :)


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