Traveller Tuesday with Sam of Indefinite Adventure

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1. For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself and your blog

I’m Sam, and I blog at Indefinite Adventure about my travels with my husband, Zab. We’re both from London, UK, but now base ourselves in Berlin. We started travelling together long term in January 2013, even though we’d been together for over seven years at that point and now we seek out unique experiences, cafes and vegan food wherever we go.

2. Are you a light packer or an overpacker, what one thing won’t you leave the house without?

I am definitely a light packer. When Zab and I travelled in South America for 10 months in 2013, I had a 35 litre backpack and found that there were still things I had taken with me that I barely (if at all) used! The one thing I always take (even for just a weekend trip away) is my spare pair of glasses, as if I were to break or loose my main pair, I’d be more or less blind without them!

3. Do you plan trips or just go with the flow?

In general, I like to have a plan, but allow room for spontaneity and changes of mind. When Zab and I travel together, we tend to book accommodation a few days in advance, as we don’t like having to sleep in dorms and want to make sure we get a decent night’s sleep wherever we’re going.

4. Where has been your favourite place to visit to date?

In 2010, I visited Syria on my own, just before the outbreak of civil war. That experience, where I made some wonderful friends, ate amazing food and saw some fascinating sights has really stayed with me, and knowing that the country will likely never be like it was again makes me deeply sad.

5. Where is currently at the top of your “To Visit” list?

For a while it’s been Sri Lanka, mainly for the vegan-friendly food, diverse culture and beautiful landscapes and beaches. Also up there are Mexico, Ethiopia and New Zealand.

6. What is the best experience you’ve had whilst travelling?

Most of the things that I think of as really nice travel experiences don’t make for great stories! It’s the small moments and decisions that I find to be the best experiences. Like finding an unexpectedly cool café in a place that you originally didn’t think much of and spending an hour or two sitting there and people watching, or waking up and deciding to ditch the day of sightseeing you had planned in favour of going to a local swimming pool and hanging out with locals.

7. What tip would you give other travellers?

Go slower; you’re more likely to have meaningful experiences that way. Don’t feel like you have to see all the ‘must-sees’; see and do what interests you. Learn some of the local language; even a little can go a long way.

8. You guys have been together FOREVER, do you ever get annoyed travelling with each other? Do you ever have any hardships in places you visit?

I’m not quite sure if 10 years counts as forever, but yes of course we do! We get on each other’s nerves when we’re at home too – it’s not specific to travel, and indeed I think it’s normal for most couples (or most people who spend enough time together) to experience things that you end up disagreeing on or that bother you about the other person.

9. You guys are vegetarian, are there any places you’ve run into difficulties with that, where have been your favourite places?

 So I am actually vegan, while Zab is mostly vegetarian, but will sometimes eat chicken or fish. During our trip to South America in 2013, we found Chile was actually one of the hardest places to find decent vegan or vegetarian food. Now that we’re living in Berlin, however, we’re totally spoiled, as it’s the uncontested vegan capital of Europe so the only real problem we have is deciding where to eat!

10. You work as you travel, what has been your best job whilst travelling? 

I mostly teach English as we travel, and I’ve been lucky to get recurring work with a company that places me on week-long intensive courses around Europe, which is both convenient and really interesting! I also of course work on our blog and occasionally write for others. I really like the combination of having work I can straight from my laptop and work that puts me in direct contact with other people, as I think just one of those would either be too lonely or too overwhelming for me!

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