Traveller Tuesday with Stephanie of The World As I See It

Each Tuesday from now on I'll be hosting interviews with other travel bloggers, to help you discover more blogs and even more inspiration to travel. If you want to be part of this series please contact me.

1. For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself and your blog

I’m Stephanie, a Canadian gal with a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors, travel and writing about it all! I generally travel solo and part time and write about my journeys on my travel blog The World As I See It. The World As I See It is full of tales from my hikes to my travels in Ontario and abroad and will hopefully inspire you to get out and explore whether it’s your own backyard or a new foreign city.

2. Are you a light packer or an overpacker, what one thing won’t you leave the house without?

I try my best to travel as light as possible, my purse and a carry on and I certainly can not leave the house without my camera.

3. Do you plan trips or just go with the flow?

I’m a big planner! For me the planning is part of the thrill of travelling. Especially because I travel solo I like to have my accommodation and transportation booked ahead and create a list of things to do and see while I’m there but leave days to simply explore and get lost in the city.

4. Where has been your favourite place to visit to date?

Oh, that’s a tough one! But if I had to choose it would be down to Iceland and Italy.

5. Is there anywhere you don’t want to go?

Not really, I’d love to explore every corner of the world from the frigid Antarctic to the rainforests of Central & South America but some places certainly hold rank over others.

6. What is the most important item on your “Bucket List”, or if you don’t have one what one place or thing don’t you want to miss out?

My most important item on my proverbial “Bucket List” is definitely Southern Africa. I’ve longed to visit its waterfalls, its jungles and its savannahs for as long as I can remember. I must see my beloved animals in the wild!

7. What is the best experience you’ve had whilst traveling?

I’m sure there have been many but on my recent West Coast trip I went to Muir Woods and was truly enchanted but what made it most memorable was stumbling upon a small choir who began singing Amazing Grace. It echoed through the woods, made everyone around stop and gave me goose bumps and others tears. It was a magical moment.

8. What tip would you give other traveller’s?

Go! Life is too short and if you want to travel make a plan and go! Also, don’t be afraid to go solo – life isn’t waiting for you, so don’t wait for someone else.

9. If you had to choose one place to live forever, where would it be and why?

I truly love my Ontario. It’s where my friends and family are, it’s a great country and there’s a ton to do and see. But ask me in 5 years that may change ;)

10. What’s next for you…

I’m heading out this spring on my biggest solo adventure yet, 3 months travelling through the UK and Europe – from Edinburgh to London and Lisbon to Bucharest, it’s going to be epic!

You can find Stephanie around the internet at The World As I See It


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