Camping on a Famous Farm in Somerset

About a month back there, I told y'all that I'm not headed to Cyprus this summer as planned. I also mentioned in the same paragraph that I had been offered yet another once in a lifetime job. Like Lapland, it's a temporary contract. Unlike Lapland, its actually just up the road from me. It's a big deal, and the whole world has heard of it, and yet in spite of my living 45 minutes away, I've never been. So when the opportunity to work there, and get paid for it, arose I had to apply! I never thought in a million years I'd get it.

Glastonbury Festival (2010)
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So in a couple of weeks I'm headed to Worthy Farm, Pilton, to camp(!) for up to six weeks whilst we prepare- and during- Glastonbury Festivals! Honestly, I have never camped in my life before, so I am really apprehensive of doing so for 6 weeks at a festival that is known for its mud! Any tips would be greatly, greatly appreciated. My cousin is lending me her festival tent, I only hope I can put it up without making a fool of myself. I'm not even sure what I'll need to take with me, camping wise. 

My friends have suggested that I take all the dry shampoo I can carry, and tons of wet wipes, too. I looked at the idea of getting this lightweight camp bed from mountain warehouse, to make sure that my sleeping bag doesn't get wet if the tent leaks. Our kit list requires us to bring a battery operated alarm clock, to make sure we get up for our 6am(!) starts. I've never had to work that early in the morning, and I am not a morning person as it is, so that could be interesting. We've also been told to bring a thick waterproof coat, and wellies- thank God, I'm a country girl and used to wearing wellies for just about everything.

My job is helping feed the crew, which is why we're there for so long, because we have to do the set up and close down after. We're lucky, not only do we get paid (and pretty well, too), the shifts are pretty decent, and we get fed by the festival, too. We also have laundry facilities and showers, too. I'm hoping to God I have a car by then (altho' things have been insane here and I've not had time to even begin looking for one- I'm in Manchester right now, but more on that next week) not only so I can get all my stuff to Pilton, but so I can go home occasionally- since I'm only 45 minutes away it'd be nice to go home on my day off and walk my dog and shower properly- assuming I'm allowed on and off sight. 

As I mentioned the shift patterns are pretty good, and our camp site is right in the centre of the sight, which means I'll be able to wander around the festival, too, after my shifts. Tho' since the festival only lasts for a long weekend, it means I'll have a chunk of free time before and after. I am praying for dry weather, but who knows what the British Summer Time will bring.

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It's definitely something different, but I am so looking forward to it! Would you consider working a festival?


  1. I think I'm too old now (!) but it does sound like great fun and I'm sure you'll love it (and be absolutely exhausted by the end......)

    1. I have a holiday at the end- visiting my boyfriend in Lapland for two weeks ;) definitely the best way to come back from it ;)

  2. You are going to have such a great time! Probably be a little bit of a rough adjustment, but eventually it'll start feeling like home! Good luck to you!

    1. Yeah, for sure, I hope I've got enough equipment to take with me :) and the right sort of things to make my tent into my little home, hahaha.


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