Traveller Tuesday with Christine from the Traveloguer

Each Tuesday from now on I'll be hosting interviews with other travel bloggers, to help you discover more blogs and even more inspiration to travel. If you want to be part of this series please contact me.

1. For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself and your blog

Hi, I’m Christine. My blog is, where I share stories of my travels as well as photography, travel tips and some travel disaster stories!

2. Are you a light packer or an overpacker, what one thing won’t you leave the house without?

I wish I was a light packer, but unfortunately I’m usually a major overpacker! The night before a trip you can always find me in a sea of clothes trying to squeeze as much into my backpack as I can. When travelling, I never leave the house without my camera.

3. Do you plan trips or just go with the flow?

I really enjoy researching my trips before I go somewhere. I think that reading travel blogs, looking at maps and reading up on a country is part of the excitement of travelling. But once I’m on the road, I love to go with the flow, especially when another traveller recommends a place, so I tend not to make a strict travel schedule before I leave.

4. Where has been your favourite place to visit to date?

I love so many places, but India wins hands down. I loved it there so much, and was crying when I had to leave!

5. Is there anywhere you don’t want to go?

Not so much somewhere that I don’t want to go to, but there are so many places on my absolutely-must-see list, that certain other places are way down the list, like say for example, Phi Phi, or some European countries. With Phi Phi, I was there twice, the first time was years ago and it was great, but the next time I went back, in 2011, it had totally changed for the worse, so I don’t intend on going back there any time soon!

6. What is the most important item on your “Bucket List”, or if you don’t have one what one place or thing don’t you want to miss out?

This is really hard! Iran is top of my list at the moment, as I almost made it there in the summer, but a lack of funds and time messed it up. I’ve always been anxious to go to Cuba, and now even more so since the US is lifting restrictions on the place. I want to see it before it changes.

Nicaragua, Guatemala, Sri Lanka and the Stan’s are all really, really high on the bucket list, as well as South America as a whole, and Africa. I know that was cheating, but it’s such a hard question!

7. What is the best experience you’ve had whilst traveling?

So many moments in India were amazing experiences. I was in Goa for my birthday and had a perfect day, riding a moped around the quiet streets and eating amazing prawn masala by the beach. That night, we watched the sunset with a drink and I remember thinking that I was exactly where I wanted to be for my birthday.

8. What tip would you give other traveller’s?

Enjoy every moment of your travels, as even the biggest disasters turn out to be the funniest memories. Take the time to speak to the locals and always try the street food!

9. If you had to choose one place to live forever, where would it be and why?

Another impossible question! I see myself living in Goa, or else Berlin.

10. What’s next for you…

I’m based in Dublin at the moment, so I have a trip to London and Barcelona planned, and I am hoping to fit in a trip to a new country before the summer, somewhere in Eastern Europe. I’m in the process of trying to decide my summer plans, but Berlin is looking pretty perfect. My friends are getting married in Vegas in September so I’d love to do a road trip across the States. I just need to somehow come up with the money for all this!

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