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Standing on Top of the World in Tromsø

Back to happier memories of my trip to Tromsø... One thing everyone agreed on was that I had to get the cable car up Mount Storsteinen, the huge mountain on the Tromsdalen side of the city (the mainland). The thing about Norway is it does nature on an extreme scale. Not just a few hills here and there, no. Norway is vast mountains, and icy blue clear fjords cut through the country with islands floating in between like Tromsø and Kvaløya. The best way to see those? To get as high as possible.

It'll Never Happen to Me

I wrote this whilst I sat in my hotel room watching the rain fall slowly past the glass in August. I was procrastinating going out because the night before something happened to me that I never thought would.

Being Cool in Tromsø

Tromsø is one of the coolest city I've been to

And so it should be sitting at 69 degrees North. It sits, loosely, half way between Oslo and the North Pole. I can hardly believe that the company I used to work said there was "Nothing interesting" there when I said I would be visiting at the end of my trip in Lapland. There is so much to do and see, and I plan on telling you ALL about it in this post!

Coming Back to Where You Started is Not the Same As Never Leaving

When I start up my laptop this photo is my user picture:

Taken over 3 years ago at Oktoberfest, this photo represents so much more than a girl on a mission to get as drunk as possible. It shows me, happy, and on a road to discovery when I realised that travelling as much as possible was what would make me happy. I wrote extensively for the last couple of years about the trips I've taken across Eastern Europe, the Baltic, the Arctic, as well as short trips across the rest of Europe, but 2015 was a massive lull for me.