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When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Mermaid

Recently New Look did this whole range of products that read, "Mermaid hair, don't care", and if I was one of those people who get sucked in by that sort of thing, I'd have bought the lot- because that is me. In fact with regard to my hair, when I told a friend I was growing it and he asked how long, I responded with, "Mermaid length". He was none the wiser. 

It'll come to no surprise to you, particularly if you know me, that I'm a water baby. I've spent my entire life swimming, like I'm pretty sure I could swim before I could walk. I love the water. I'm so obsessed with water and swimming that I spent my 26th birthday travelling all the way to London so I could swim in the London 2012 Olympic swimming pool at Elizabeth Park as soon as it opened to the public. I spent years as a teenager swimming in the completely clear blue seas in the North of Fuerteventura. My dream as a kid had always been to learn to surf on Flag Beach when I eventu…

Living in Dorset

My makeshift desk-- which is in fact the dining table in the living room-- is full of notepads and free newspapers. Along with my laptop. The notepads have shopping lists, jobs I've applied for, and walking trails scrawled across them with pens scattered across the table. Next to it is where I'm sat, my laptop plugged into a speaker blasting my favourite tunes- currently Of Monsters & Men's second album. Behind the lid I can see four books stacked up, Rough Guides Ultimate Adventures- the first thing I won for my travel writing, Bill Bryson's The Road to Little Dribbling, & the Wild Guide. All of which I'm using to find adventures whilst I'm unemployed. Next to it The Great Gatsby, for the day that will roll around when I can lie on the sofa with numerous cups of tea and read a book in a day.

It was sat in this pile of miscellany that I was procrastinating on facebook last night to discover that another blogger was headed to Dorset this week, and I surp…

Not Going Out

Aren't you lot kind all coming back here after I've taken such a long hiatus and reading my blog-- I can see you in my stats, I'm not being a massive weirdo and stalking you through your phones or computer screens, don't worry. 

Today was a jobhunting day, and it did not go well. Mostly because today was the hottest day of the week and British Summertime, as you may well know, is a temperamental bastard. So I want to enjoy it. I keep telling myself that I didn't intend to jobhunt through August, and that getting interviews during August is just a bonus. Equally jobhunting is soul destroying, I haven't decided whether I think getting rejected is worse than not hearing back at all, and I've got to an age where I have to make a list of where I've applied to so I don't apply to the same job twice. 

The Trouble with Cheddar...

Whilst I'm jobhunting, I'm dividing my week down two days jobhunting (Monday and Friday), 3 days where I take Tiger to any beach that allows him to be there, a day out somewhere I want to visit that Tiger can't go, and a day at home. That day will mostly fall on Sunday. Today was supposed to be a Tiger & Sammi beach day. Alas, as the forecast had predicted, by 9.30am the clouds had indeed started to cover the south west. Yesterday I was chilly laid on the beach in my bikini and down right cold after I'd been for a swim, so I decided instead that Tiger and I would go for a walk.

So, an hour or so later, we headed to Cheddar. 


A few days ago I received an e-mail from someone who had happened along this blog. Occasionally this happens, and in spite of the very obvious fact that I haven't updated it in 6 months, again, I do try to respond to all travel related e-mails to the best of my knowledge. That being said, this e-mail was about a broken link in my blogroll, and if I was still writing a blog, I'd probably courteously reply and fix the problem. But I'm not.