Not Going Out

Aren't you lot kind all coming back here after I've taken such a long hiatus and reading my blog-- I can see you in my stats, I'm not being a massive weirdo and stalking you through your phones or computer screens, don't worry. 

The gorgeous Ringstead Bay

Today was a jobhunting day, and it did not go well. Mostly because today was the hottest day of the week and British Summertime, as you may well know, is a temperamental bastard. So I want to enjoy it. I keep telling myself that I didn't intend to jobhunt through August, and that getting interviews during August is just a bonus. Equally jobhunting is soul destroying, I haven't decided whether I think getting rejected is worse than not hearing back at all, and I've got to an age where I have to make a list of where I've applied to so I don't apply to the same job twice. 

Tiger & I spent yesterday horizontal. Normally my dog bounds up at around 7am as soon as it's light to tell me that "It's time!" and I need to get up and take him for a walk. Yesterday, I rolled out of bed and thudded down the stairs, at approximately 10,27am to unlock the front door, and draw the curtains to show my Nan- who comes up at 10,30am every second day to water the flowers (at the age of 28, I am not capable of this when I house sit for my parents, apparently). Tiger did not even attempt to roll over. In fact, I got to sort all of my boring- things- I- need- to- do- when- I- wake- up shit out before he even jumped off my bed. 

We managed a circuit around the field before both being horizontal again. I laid in front of the telly half listening to Napoleon Dynamite, Rango and The Lorax whilst reading on and off for the majority of the day. The Lorax reminds me of that meme, have you seen it, which says "It's a shame tree's don't have WiFi, maybe people would plant more of them. Instead they just provide oxygen, so we can breathe". Bill Bryson, as always managed to make me laugh, and add another pile of places to visit to my list- and knock one off. I didn't feel guilty for spending a summer's day on the sofa because, well I still ached like hell from scaling that gorge, and it was cloudy, again. The cloud was doing my head in because I've wanted to go paddleboarding for the last three days, and because last night was when the Perseid Meteor Shower was supposed to be at it's peak.

I kept telling myself that I'd get up and plan a wee trip, but I didn't- except for a quick flick through the walks on the National Trust website. I've been waiting for a book to arrive that I'd ordered on Amazon after it had been haunting me since I saw it in the National Trust shop in Lyme Regis a few weeks ago. It's called the Wild Guide & it's all about the South West of England, so I'm stoked to find some cool places to go adventuring (and it arrived this morning). I checked the best times to see the Meteor Shower, and closed the page quickly, owing to it still being cloudy. It was then, when I'd eventually moved across the living room to my laptop and was sat at the dining room table that I realised there was a shadow cast by my glass, and that meant the sky was clearing up. 

A cloudy shot of the moon, taken by me a while ago

I pretty much kept my fingers crossed for the rest of the evening that the sky would remain clear. I am in love with the stars, I really should know more about the constellations. I actually fell in love with someone because on a winter walk he pointed out what constellations were what and I don't think I've ever been happier than I was in the moment- I love crisp cold winter nights, and the stars, and it was just kind of perfect. In fact I had two totally perfect moments like that with him now I think about it... Hm. Anyway, I love the stars and the night sky, and the Perseid's are the best show we're gonna get this year because the last meteor shower that was supposed to be awesome was blocked by the light of the full moon. 

I took Tiger out for his last wee at around 12,15am and in the 5 minutes we were out I could see stars crossing the beautifully clear sky, some big, some small. Every ounce of exhaustion left me, and I got super excited. In my garden I set up a hammock like 5 days ago in preparation for last night. I grabbed all of my blankets, my torch (because my garden is pitch black and I'm a scaredy cat), and changed into thermal pyjamas and a hoody. Now I would have taken a photo for y'all of a shooting star, but I'm no photographer, I'd suggest keeping an eye on the Dorset Scouser's instagram or facebook page for something like that. 

A stunningly beautiful full moon, taken by moi with 'the Big Camera'.

Being laid in a hammock in my garden bundled up under all the blankets watching stars shoot across the sky was the most incredible feeling. It left me totally exhilarated, I text all my closest friends and told them to get outside, and might've waxed lyrical about those burning balls passing us by. Some of them tiny flicks of light barely visible, some huge and leaving big white scars in their aftermath. All eye catching, all incredible, all making me feel how incredibly tiny the space I take up in this world is. 


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