I Work at the Beach, Now.

Katie asked me, "What are you going to do with your afternoon?" and I responded that I was going to curl up and read my book, instead here I am... Many changes since I was last here, blogosphere.

After taking August off, and learning to windsurf, and paddleboard, beach life had fully taken hold of me. I'd been jobhunting, tho' not very proactively through August with a view to find a job during September, but one of the jobs I applied for contacted me not once, not twice, but three times in the space of half an hour on my replying and next thing I knew I was working at one of the most famous beach café's in the country. 

The beach I work on...

My current job is a café assistant, where I mostly run a lot of food to an awful lot of people in an incredibly busy café. Said café happens to be on a beach. Most of the café is in fact a green marquee. We've hosted Christmas meals there, we do these silver surfer meals during the winter to keep us ticking over, too. Mostly tho' the summer is when it's busy, we've taken more in the last weekend than I earn in a year. It's been crazy. And it's not even summer, yet. 

My folks have put their house on the market, and that meant I had to make some decisions. My parents offered to purchase me a campervan for my travels, and whilst that was a great idea, I wasn't ready to move on. I thought about the idea and looked at vans (even on the top of my screen now, I can see in my bookmarks bar a folder named "vans") but the thing is I'm not ready yet. 

Ice skating trip

I've gotten too comfortable at that little beach café of mine. We are all good friends. I've even been travelling with one of them, and had other adventures including hiking up Golden Cap, going ice skating, and to Go Ape. We even went bowling for my birthday. I'm enjoying having a life with friends, right now. I want to stay for a bit longer. So here I am, curled up on my bed in my room in a house I share with two other girls in the centre of Dorchester. 

I moved in two months ago, and spent two days making it look like I'd lived here forever. I have my huge prints I brought back from Fuerteventura on one wall above my bed, my parents bought me a cocktail cabinet that is in fact a globe for my birthday this year. I've, of course, got a map on my wall. In fact one of my housemates has the same map on her wall in her room. My windows are old Victorian sash windows with a windowbox on the ledge. I've filled mine with three miniature conifer tree's. They're really calming to stare at. I really like it here, the girls love Tiger (he moved in about a month after I did) and have been taking him out on adventures whenever I've been at work too late. Plus once real summer arrives I've got someone to come paddleboarding and windsurfing with me, since Katie wants to do those things, too. 

I'm still travelling, I've still to write about Venice, Kings Day in Amsterdam, Bali (yeah, I left Europe), Romania, Hungary, Spain, & Portugal. I've got another Big Trip planned, but first I want to tell you about the rest of my adventures. I've been really lucky that I can squeeze together my days off from each week so I can go away for 4 days & still work around 40hrs a week. I'm still hoping to work at Glastonbury Festival this year, but no one has heard a thing from the office, yet! Which is making me super twitchy. If not... I'll be heartbroken, but there's always La Batalla del Vino in La Rioja that I can join in to make up for the disappointment....


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