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How to Not See Venice

Venice was never in my top 5 places to visit. It wasn't even in my top 5 places to visit in Italy (I'm still dying to go to Rome, Florence & Cinque Terre). I'm incredibly cynical of those places that are overly populated with tourists; yet in January 2016 I found myself on a plane headed for Venice. My trip, booked towards the end of Carnival, was on a whim. A need to book a flight, a cheap flight, to anywhere. Venice was recommended by a friend who'd said if nothing else, I would love Carnival and anyway there was no need to worry because everyone loves Venice...

Venice is famed for its canals, and lack of cars, instead using vaporetto's to get around the city, or simply walking from A to B. The sites to see include the famed Peggy Guggenheim collection and other museums and various basilicas and palaces. Not really your average backpacker fare, still, off I went to Venice.
It was a dull January day when I arrived in Venice, the fog clung to the water all the …