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And then they gave us FIRE- Racatau Valley, Romania


i'm a twenty-something female traveller. i'm an adventurer and explorer of the world (well so far europe) who has lived in the canary islands, and swedish lapland. i love to travel, eat the noms, see the sights, have a bit of fun. i started this blog to look back on all my adventures in 20 years time.

my goals in life are to live on the move, and i'm deciding between building my own tiny home on an a-frame or getting a camper van, either as is or to convert myself! right now it's just me and my dog, he usually stays home with my parents whilst i'm on my adventures. i brought him home from my time in the canary islands-- what a souvenir; he will be ten years old in june 2016.

Durdle Door, near where I live, is so beautiful!


harry potter // adele // florence + the machine // travel // snow // swimming in the sea // writing // food // black books // flower garlands // glastonbury festival // running // scarves with hidden pockets// tattoos // language // dogs // reading // etymology // maps // travel guides // the coast // procrastinating on buzzfeed // snapchat


baked beans // soggy pizza bases // being in one place too long // bullying // social media // being spoken down to // politicians // not having a coat when its raining 

If you wish you to know more about me, ask me anything I haven't covered on here, or want to work with me please contact me!


  1. Hey Sammi,
    No need to approve this comment but I didn't see where I could email you or contact you via. Twitter or FB (maybe it's just my phone playing up!) but I just left a reply to your message on my post about visiting Copenhagen.

    My friend, Kathrine, passed on some information for you about how to get to Give or Billand without flying Ryanair. "Fly Norwegian Air to Aalborg in Jutland or to Billund via Copenhagen with SAS. Alternatively, Give is a 3 hour train journey away from CPH and she can book her trip on Rejseplanen.dk"

    Hope this helps you in planning your next great (Danish?!) adventure. :)

  2. Hiyah! I just found your blog through bloglovin and am quite inspired by it. I am a 18 year old girl from the U.S., currently an adventurer in training. It is amazing to see how you have managed to have so many adventures as a young solo female traveler. I can't wait to get to know you better and learn more from you via your blog.

    Have a wonderful day!


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